Confirmtkt Version 7.0 – More ways to get confirmed ticket, Voice enabled Train Search and more

Dear ConfirmTkt users,

We have released some exciting updates in latest version. Below is the round up

New Same train alternates will boost confirmation chances for your journey

Originally WL17 -> After alternates- Available

Same train alternates help increase confirmation chances of a route which already has waitlisted train(s) by showing you suggestions

which include booking trains for different combination of stations and then boarding/deboarding at stations of your choice. While there

were already 4 types of same train alternates which gave intelligent suggestions to boost confirmation chances, we have added 2 more

types to give even more options to the user

  1. Overlapping Alternates
    1. For example as shown in the image above,if you are going from Bangalore to Chennai and you are unable to find tickets,
      you can perhaps book from Bangalore to Mukundaraya-Purm and Katpadi to Chennai in the same train and swap seats at Katpadi
  2. Multiple classes alternates
    1. There can be cases where you may not be getting a ticket in the same class all through the journey but may get a confirm tkt if you ,
      for example, change class from CC to 2S mid way through the journey as shown in the image

Voice Search (Beta)

Confirmtkt has just launched Train search via Voice. You will now be able to search for trains by clicking on voice icon on the home screen

of the app and speaking your query. You can for example speak कल बंगलौर से चेन्नई तक की ट्रेनें This is available to some

users already and will be progressively made available to more users progressively as we improve the experience .

Update the app now to checkout the Voice feature

Crossed 25 lakh train tickets booked on the platform

We have launched train ticket bookings on ConfirmTkt in March 2018 and so far we have booked more than 25 lakh train tickets on the platform.
That is equivalent to around Rs 2500000000 worth of bookings. We thank everyone for the support. Congratulations to ConfirmTkt users
for this important milestone. For users who are counting zeros, it is 250 Crore worth of tickets. 🙂

We also had a fun filled FAN Meetup in Bangalore

Expect more Meetups in other cities. You can request one in your city. Mail us at

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Other updates

  1. We have updated prediction model. With higher accuracy you have higher chances of getting a confirmed ticket

  2. You can also book APSRTC bus tickets on ConfirmTkt

  3. You can use your wallet balance now for electricity bill payments also on ConfirmTkt

  4. Please note that our support number is now changed to 08068243910


1. Use code FESTIVAL for minimum 4% off on bus tickets. Also get 300 cashback if you pay with PayPal for the first time
2.​ Zero charges on Train ticket booking for first time users using PayPal.​​

ConfirmTkt team

Use ConfirmTkt bot to book train and bus tickets

We are pleased to announce the launch of version 1 of our chat platform.

You can access the bot using following link

It is easy to use. Answers all your queries regarding bus and train bookings.


“Show me trains from bangalore to hyderabad”

“Show me buses to Mumbai”

“Buses from Mumbai to Pune next friday”

Lists down all possible options as below

You can also filter/sort these buses.
On clicking book now it redirects you to choose seat and make the payment as below

You can use any of the payment methods to complete the booking.
Feel free to mail us at for any issues.

We hope you will have a wonderful booking experience.

How to use Vikalp option on ConfirmTkt

What is Vikalp Scheme?

‘Vikalp’ literally means option so under Vikalp scheme, each passenger has an option of choosing upto 7 trains as an option or backup to currently selected train where a passenger may be waitlisted. Departure of these trains could be after 30 minutes to upto 72 hours of the original train.

For example you booked your ticket on IRCTC website and your ticket was wait listed when the chart was prepared. Under Vikalp scheme, your ticket can be allocated to the next available train, which is going towards the same direction in any class equivalent or higher then the class you booked in previously. So you could get upgraded to 3AC from SL.

How to Book Vikalp on confirmtkt?

1) Book the train ticket , like you normally would

Click on “Opt Vikalp” option just below ticket details in above screen

2) Select all the train options , you are interested in

3) Click Submit and your Vikalp options are selected

You can go to your bookings to see the trains you have opted for

Download ConfirmTkt app now

IRCTC Downtime on 7th January

Due to maintenance activity, booking, enquiry & cancellation  services won’t be available from 23:45 hrs of 6-Jan-19 to 06:00 hrs of 7-Jan-19.

Booking,cancellation services on ConfirmTkt will be down during above timings. For any urgent issues please reach out to us over email to For ticket cancellations reach out to

How to Book a Train or Coach on IRCTC

Users can book a Coach or full train for occasion or event through filling form in or through chief reservation officer at the nearby station.


Booking period: FTR registration can be done maximum 6 months in advance and minimum 30 days prior to journey date.

Booking Information: User will provide the booking type, journey details of coaches, and route. After submission of the request, user will get a reference number and registration amount to be paid. user will pay the registration amount against provided reference number to get FTR number. Payment of registration amount must be received within 6 days (including FTR request submit day). After 6 days, FTR Reference Number will be flushed and user will be required to follow the above mentioned process again to book coach/train.

Coach Booking: User can book maximum 10 numbers of coaches on FTR in a single train in one tour program.

Train Booking: User can book maximum 24 coaches in FTR train including 2 SLR coaches as mandatory.

Refund process: In case of cancellation, either by user or by Railway, refund will be processed as per existing manual process through Chief Commercial Manager (PM) of the concerned Railway.

 Registration Amount:

Coach Booking: Registration amount for booking of a coach up to 7 days of tour journey period is Rs. 50, 000/- per coach. Beyond 7 days of tour journey period, additional Rs. 10, 000/- per day/per coach will be payable and added in the registration amount.

Train Booking: Registration amount for booking of a train, for minimum of 18 coaches (including minimum two SLR coaches) and up to 7 days of tour journey period is Rs. 9,00,000/-. Beyond 18 passenger coaches, additional Rs. 50,000/- per coach will be added in the registration amount. For tour period beyond 7 days, additional Rs. 10, 000/- per day per coach will be added in registration amount.

Even for booking of a train with less than 18 coaches, registration amount for 18 coaches as minimum will be charged.

The above amount may change in case of any revision by Ministry of Railways from time to time.

Registration of coaches/trains does not guarantee allotment of coaches/trains. This will be subject to the operational feasibility and availability of coaches.



Now you can book IRCTC train tickets on you favorite app ConfirmTkt

Top 5 Best Train Journeys in India

Of all the popular tourist destinations in the world, India is a true delight for travellers. India’s topography is immensely diverse, which allows people to experience a range of sights and scenes, everything from pristine beaches to breathtaking mountain ranges, gushing rivers, majestic waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. India also shares a rich history, as isevident from its numerous forts, palaces and other ancient monuments. Travellers also get to experience India’s rich cultural diversity, reflected in its various festivals and a wide variety of delicious local cuisines. One of the best ways to experience India’s geographical and cultural diversity is through train journeys. If you are planning a vacation, here are the top 5 best train journeys in India that you can consider.

Mumbai to Mangalore (The West Coast Circuit): If you want to experience the enchanting beauty of the Western Ghats, you could consider travelling from Mumbai to Mangalore. This route is managed by Konkan Railways and it is widely popular for its scenic mountain ranges, lush green forests, glimmering water bodies, cascading waterfalls and a plethora of exotic wildlife. The route runs parallel to the Western Coast of India and there are many popular tourist spots along the way such as Kolad, Ratnagiri, Goa, Madgaon, Karwar, Ankola, Bhatkal, and Udupi.

Delhi to Mumbai (The Desert Circuit): The Indian Railways operates a special tourist train that runs from Delhi to Mumbai via the state of Rajasthan. It covers some of the most popular tourist destinations in India such as Agra (Taj Mahal), Ranthambore (Tigers), Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Balasinor. This journey will allow you to experience the rich culture of Rajasthan, its delectable cuisine and a wide variety of majestic forts and palaces. You can also experience the magnificent vastness of the desert, which has its own innate beauty and mystique.

Kalka to Shimla (The Himalayan Circuit): If you want to experience the captivating splendor of the Himalayas, you can take a toy train from Kalka to Shimla. The route is just around 100 kilometers, but it is one of the most beautiful train routes in the country. Most of the route lies at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters, with the highest point being Shimla at 2086 meters. You will experience imposing mountains, deep valleys and gorges, and scenic lakes. As the toy train chugs along at a leisurely speed of around 20 kilometers per hour, you will also be able to witness a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna.

New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling (The Tea Circuit): This is a toy train route, which is probably the most popular tourist train in the country. This train has been featured in various movies and documentaries. People travel on this train not only because of the scenic beauty of the route, but also because the train route has a rich history, dating back to more than a century. This train route was opened in 1879, and it continues to amaze travellers even today. The route is around 84 km and offers panoramic views of the hills, forests, and tea plantations. You shall be able to witness the cultivation of the world famous Darjeeling tea on this journey.

Puducherry to Kolkata (The East Coast Circuit): This train route runs parallel to the East Coast of India and allows travellers to explore its wonders. The route passes through three states – Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha. If you consider the starting and end points – Puducherry and West Bengal, there would be five different cultures and cuisines to discover on this journey. The route covers some of the most popular tourist destinations including beaches, forts, palaces, and ancient temples and monuments.

India has a lot more to offer in terms of exciting train journeys. Train journeys in India are fairly comfortable and safe, which makes it the preferred choice for travellers. Train journeys are one of the best ways to explore the infinite wonders of incredible India.

What Precautions should you have to take during Travelling when you are pregnant?

Travelling is one of the crucial activities that is not recommended during the pregnancy. If women is not facing any complications in her pregnancy then they can travel whereas if a women is facing some complications during her pregnancy then it will be strictly advisable to don’t plan and go for travelling. It’s better to avoid travelling during pregnancy but if you can’t for any reason then take precautions. During pregnancy you should be more careful when doing travelling.

Tips for precautions that should be taken when travelling

  • You should not go for travelling after 30-32 weeks of the pregnancy.
  • First go through the medical check-up done, before you proceed for travel. Only if your doctor indicate green signal then you can plan travel.
  • Always wear more light and comfortable clothes cotton is preferable one and your shoes must be more comfortable during travelling so that you can maintain balance when you are walking.
  • Choose a perfect mode of travelling so that you journey is safer, more reliable, and take less time. Airlines are most comfortable journey next one is train you can choose it, then road trips come into list cars are preferable than buses.
  • Keep Attention to wear seat-belts properly, such that you can feel comfortable and you stay safe.
  • If you are travelling by the car then drive slow and try to avoid and slow down on jerks and jolts.
  • Always try to maintain proper distance from the front dashboard so that you can avoid sudden hits and high breaks.
  • Mind this point when you start packing because you should not forget to carry your regular medicines including vitamins tablet prescribed by the doctor and placed it well so that you can easily get them.
  • Don’t try to travel alone. Have a family member along with you who can take care of yours.
  • Don’t forget to have a personal mobile number of your doctor and give to the another person whom with you are travelling so that in any case emergence get arise he can overcome to that.
  • Don’t go in rush just try to avoid heavy crowd and follow the path slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t take stairs so much.
  • Keep your hand clean in order to avoid infections you can carry sanitizer and tissues.
  • Carry a water bottle keep drinking water timely so that de-hydration can be avoided as it creates water-borne infections.
  • Try to avoid public toilets of local places it not may only the cause of infections it may result in a big accident as you can sleep there, try to go somewhere hygiene is well maintained.
  • Keep walking to stretch your body after 1-2 hours in order to maintain blood circulation if you are travelling by car.
  • Keep some healthy and nutrient snacks on the way with you so that you can avoid nausea.


Railway Level Crossing would be safer now

Stats say 40% of the train accidents are due to unmanned railway crossings and no proper management of railway crossings.Railways and ISRO have decided to put and end to this.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is helping the Indian Railways use its satellite-based system to check accidents at unmanned railway crossings and track train movements on a real-time basis.

Working on a pilot project with Isro, the railways has installed space agency-developed integrated circuit (IC) chips on some train engines. The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (or NaVIC) will be used to warn road users of approaching trains through hooters installed at unmanned road crossings.

Tapan Misra, director of Ahmedabad-based Space Applications Centre (SAC), confirmed that “ISRO and the Indian Railways have been working together on this pilot project since June”. Explaining the functioning of the satellite-based system, Misra said, “A hooter will be activated as soon as it gets signal from the IC chip installed on a train when its engine is at a distance of 500 metres to 4 km from the crossing. The hooter, linked to the navigation system, will thus warn road users about the approaching train. It will become louder as the train comes near the crossing and will fall silent after the train has passed.”

The SAC director said, “Under the pilot project, IC chips have been installed on five engines of trains on different routes. The testing on the satellite-based hooter system has been going on since June to check if it is reliable and can function under different climatic conditions.”

He said, “ISRO is using its constellation of seven navigation satellites (IRNSS or NaVIC) for the railway safety system as the technology, once the pilot project is over successfully, will be installed on all trains across the country in phased manner.”

Misra said, “The satellite-based system will also be used for tracking trains for disseminating information about their movement on a real-time basis.” He said, “The system will also help the railways map the area covered by trains. The technology will come in handy at the time of a railway accident when it can be used to ascertain the exact location of a train.”

The push for using the space technology for the railway safety system came after PM Narendra Modi, during a national meet on September 7, 2015, asked all central ministries and state governments to make the most of the ISRO technology to provide good governance.

Safety at unmanned level crossings is a cause for concern for the railways as these crossings witness maximum accidents. The national transporter had explored various ways to address the issue before settling for the Isro system. There are about 7,254 unmanned railway crossings in the country which account for around 40% of accidents involving the railways. There are about 18,000 manned level crossings.

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