Agreement For Media Industry

In addition to the terms and conditions set out in Part A of this CG, these special direct marketing conditions govern the contractual relationship between Seven.One Media and its contractual partners with respect to direct marketing services (hereafter referred to as “direct marketing”). Based on a contractual agreement with PSD, Seven.One Media is authorized to market the address, email and telephone data of PSD and a partner company (“customer bonus program”) (hereafter referred to as “data”). The contractor wants to use this database. A.11.1 For conventional bookings [1], the billing for each TV channel is separated from the beginning of the execution period. For convergent bookings [2], the payment for PSD is made no later than the end of the first month of the service period. The payment is made with the effect of the refund of the liability on the account indicated in the seven.One Media invoice. Seven.One Media reserves the right to request payment in advance. Payment without deduction is due immediately after receipt of the invoice. Delays in payment are considered to have occurred 30 (30) days after the invoice has expired and received. If an advance payment has been received up to the 15th day of the month of the benefit, Seven.One Media grants a 2% breakfast (2%). in all other cases, the pre-account time limit is 10 calendar days.

The advance deposit account is granted subject to payment of all previous invoices. A.11.2 Bank fees are covered by the contractor. Checks are always accepted only by Seven.One Media subject to compensation. Payments made by the contractor are considered to be made only if Seven.One Media has the resources. A.11.3 Subject to the Agency`s explanatory statement as an agency and direct billing, not all agency advertising orders are subject to agency commission discounts of 15% (15 per cent) on the net invoice amount, i.e. the amount of the invoice before VAT and after deduction of the rebates. , but before the early account, provided that the granting of a discount for the agency commission and the advance payment are not excluded. If discounts change due to additional bookings or cancellations, the discount for the agency commission is recalculated.