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French is one of the most translated languages in the world (in french as well as French). We work intensively with the French language and benefit enormously from an office in Paris and a French team. As an agency, we have vast skills, including: from the early 17th century to the 1950s, French was the most important language in diplomacy and international relations. English has now assumed the role that the French played after World War II, when the United States became a dominant world power. The proof was that the Treaty of Versailler was also written in English and French. Over the years, the French declarative word has become a subject-verb-object order, but if the word object is a pronoun, it will generally precede the verb. Certain types of phrases in the language allow or require other orders of words, the inversion of the verb and the subject like “Do you speak French?” when they would ask a question, if the normal structure would be “You speak French?” Although both questions essentially mean the same thing, but increasing bending is still used on both. French is one of the Romance languages and is the first language spoken in France, Wallonia and Brussels in Belgium, the Romandy region in Switzerland, Monaco, the Acadian region of the state of Louisiana, the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick (Acadia) in Canada, the northern parts of the states of New Hampshire, Mainshire and Vermont in the New England region. and many communities elsewhere. Other English speakers of French, who speak it as a second language, are found all over the world, but most will generally be in French-speaking Africa. In Africa, French is often found in Gabon, which commonly communicates 80%, followed by Mauritius with 78%, Algeria with 75%, CĂ´te d`Ivoire and Senegal 70%. It is estimated that French has 110 million native speakers and 190 million speakers.

The French language comes from the Italic Latin language used in the Roman Empire, the same as Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Lombard, Catalan, Sardinian and Sicilian. His parents, as far as resemblance is concerned, are the other languages spoken in history in northern France and Belgium, or the languages of o`l, which have largely replaced French. French was also influenced by the Celtic language used in Roman Gaul and by the Franconian (Germanic) used by the post-rem invaders. At present, and especially because of the overseas empire of France, there are many languages that are Creole French, including Haitians. A demographic projection under the direction of the Demography Network and the University Agency of the Francophonie Université Laval, There will be about 500 million people who will speak French by 2025 and 650 million more people (or about 7%) the world`s population by 2050. Other 2013 estimates indicate that Francophones will reach one billion by 2060. Our global project management presence and distributed teams of French translators give them real advantages if you have narrow rotation requirements. As has already been said, French has remained an extremely important diplomatic language, one of the working languages of NATO, the United Nations secretariat, a large part of the Council of Europe, the International Olympic Committee that organizes the Olympic Games, the International Court of Justice, the Organization of American States and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of the European Commission. , the World Trade Organization, the Eurovision Song Contest, the European Space Agency and the North American Free Trade Agreement.