Travel to Find Love of Your Life

They say that you never return as the same person from a journey you take. To travel means to explore, both, the outside world and the limits within. Naturally, you are bound to bump into something or someone that is going to change your whole notion of life. You may find that special something on your next journey(find love), or journey after that or maybe the journey after that. Important thing is to keep looking and keep exploring, that is the only way you can find the love of your life and the best way to explore, as we mentioned, is travelling. You can find that love within yourself, within a companion or around in your surroundings.

This is the best thing that travelling can teach you- being able to love yourself. Or to put it better- accepting what you are, knowing your capabilities and limits and being at comfort with yourself after knowing that. You can push past your boundaries only after you acknowledge them. And travel throws many such situations at you where you have to adapt, improvise or sometimes accept defeat. All this helps you grow as a person overall and you become a self-confident man as you trod along the path.

Travel and Love Go Hand in Hand

If you are a traveller at heart, a free roaming spirit, an “awara”, then chances are that you will meet your significant other on one of those trips as well. You may be travelling via same train, occupying the same berth, sharing the same bench in the garden or stuck at same curve on some trek. Love of your life is waiting outside that comfort zone- so get up, book your tickets and get going. The say a place is only as good as people in it, so chances are that if you like a place you will like the people in that place as well. So do not shy away, interact with people, get to know them and be one with the local life wherever you go.

Special Something

Waiting- Love train

Well, not everyone finds love of their life in another person. Some find it in other daily habits like reading new books, learning new skills, collecting unique items or in the form of travelling itself. Travelling provides best chance for you to meet other people with similar interests, learning a thing or two from them about your passion and then carrying on the baton along the journey.


Railway’s smart toilets soon at railway stations!

Railway’s smart toilets soon at railway stations!In a move aimed at countering usual complaints of unhygienic conditions of toilets at railway stations, Indian railways is installing state of the art and portable Namma toilets at various railway stations across the country. The first sets of these toilets called namma toilets have been installed by the Ferozepur Division at Katra railway station which will soon be inaugrated by railway minister Suresh Prabhu. These smart toilets can be installed in areas where drainage system is not available as these come armed with septic tank with a bio-enzyme based treatment system which treats the waste for harmful bacteria. Whats more that they also have the option of a batch waste treatment system which controls the waste water let out and this water can be used for watering nearby trees.

Giving more info on the project, Anuj Prakash,Divisional Railway Manager (DRM),Firozpur Division said, “Namma toilets have been built keeping in view the usage conditions by the general public and are actually a revolution in public toilets as along with being eco friendly they are fire retardant, acid and alkali proof these have a very high impact strength. Moreover these are portable and therefore can be fixed anywhere and that too in minimum of space. Another smart feature of these toilets is that they are easy to clean and that too without any use of acids or bleaches. The paint used in the toilet is resistant to scratches and graffiti and is also resistant to bacterial growth” He also said, “Indian railways has installed the first Namma toilets at Katra which will soon be inaugurated by railway minister. In next phase we plan to install these at various stations of Punjab including Ludhiana, Amristar and Jalandhar”

Easy to access for disabled persons

These ultra modern smart toilets in addition to having 1 module each for ladies and gents also have 2 urinals and a Seperate module for handicapped persons which has wider doors, ramp for proper access and grab bars which makes it easier to use. The Ladies module has a sanitary disposal unit located at the rear end to ensure proper disposal of sanitary napkins.

50 Special trains – Enjoy Travelling

Suresh Prabhu have said that South Central Railway (SCR) will run 50 weekly summer special trains between Tirupati-Nagarsol via Secunderabad, Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam and Visakhapatnam-Dharmavaram to clear the extra rush of passengers in summer and so that people can travel with ease.

Special trains
Some information about trains that can help you find the correct train:Tirupati-Nagarsol-Tirupati weekly special trains (18 services) train no. 07417 will depart from Tirupati at 07:30 am on April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and May 6, 13, 20, 27, 2016 (Fridays), arrive/depart Secunderabad at 8:15/8:25 pm on the same day and arrive Nagarsol at 11.55 am, the next day.

In return, train no.07418 Nagarsol – Tirupati special train will depart from Nagarsol at 10 pm on April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and May 7, 14, 21, 28, (Saturdays), arrive/depart Secunderabad at 11:55/12:05 am, the next day and arrive Tirupati at 4 am on Mondays.

En route, these special trains will also stop at Renigunta, Gudur, Nellore, Ongole, Tenali, Guntur, Sattenapalli, Piduguralla, Nadikudi, Miryalguda, Nalgonda, Pagidipalli, Cherlapalli, Begumpet, Lingampalli, Shankarpalli, Vikarabad, Zaheerabad, Bidar, Balki, Udgir, Latur Road, Pangaon, Parli, Gangakher, Parbhani, Manavat Road, Selu, Partur, Jalna and Aurangabad stations in both directions.

These special trains will consist of 17 coaches with one AC II tier, one AC III tier, seven sleeper class, six general second class and two second class luggage cum brake van coaches. The service of Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam -Vijayawada weekly special trains (16 services), train no 07271 Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam weekly special train will depart from Vijayawada at 11 pm on April 7, 14, 21, 28 and May 5, 12, 19, 26 and arrive Visakhapatnam at 7 am, the next day.

In return direction, train no.07272 Visakhapatnam-Vijayawada special train will depart from Visakhapatnam at 12.15 am on April 10, 17, 24 and May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and arrive Vijayawada at 7.20 pm, the same day.En route, these special trains will stop at Eluru, Tadepalligudem, Nidadavolu, Rajamahendravaram, Samalkot, Annavaram, Tuni, Anakapalli and Duvvada stations in both directions.

This special train will consist of 16 coaches with one AC II tier, one AC III tier, seven sleeper class, five general second class and two second class luggage cum brake van coaches. The other service Visakhapatnam-Dharmavaram-Visakhapatnam special trains (16 services), train no. 07273 Visakhapatnam-Dharmavaram special train will depart from Visakhapatnam at 4:45 pm on April 8, 15, 22, 29 and May 6, 13, 20, 27 and arrive Dharmavaram at 12:40 am, the next day.

In return direction, train no.07274 Dharmavaram-Visakhapatnam special train will depart from Dharmavaram at 2.30 pm on April 9, 16, 23, 30 and May 7, 14, 21, 28 and arrive Visakhapatnam at 10.25 am, the next day.En route, these special trains will stop at Duvvada, Anakapalli, Tuni, Annavaram, Samalkot, Rajamahendravaram, Tadepalligudem, Eluru, Vijayawada, Guntur, Narsaraopet,

Vinukonda, Donakonda, Markapur Road, Cumbum, Giddaluru, Nandyal, Betamcherla, Dhone, Gooty and Anantapur stations in both directions. This special train will consist of 16 coaches with one AC II tier, one AC III tier, seven sleeper class, five general second class and two second class luggage cum brake van coaches

Clean Coach Service Available Using SMS

Now a clean coach is just a simple text message away. Indian Railways has launched the much needed on demand service to clean the coach. This can be a real blessing for the passengers as we all are aware of the pathetic hygiene conditions prevailing in the public transport facilities in India. This is how you can make use of this service.

For any cleaning requirement in the coach, passengers may send their requests as SMS to 58888 by typingCLEAN < Space >< 10-digit PNR number>. The software named OBSERVE (On Board Services) will forward the request to mobile phone of the cleaner present in the particular train directly. The Railway Administration will also simultaneously receive an intimation of such requests for follow up. This means that you will get a code in reply as soon as you send the SMS. A message will be sent by the server to the mobile number of On Board Housekeeping Service (OBHS) staff travelling on the same train along with the details of the passenger such as coach number, berth number.  Then the OBHS staff will get into action and reach the passenger to carry out the cleaning duties.

Presently, only around 600 trains are covered under this scheme. Service is expected to cover many more trains and routes soon. Here is the press release by the Indian Railways.

Making Journeys Better !

Hey guys !

I bet you are a travel buff, since you are reading this article right here.

This is the best time of the year for travel junkies. College semesters are over , schools are about to close , summer is here and holiday season is upon us. Everyone has a perfect holiday on his mind.

Children are nudging their parents to take them out for a holiday, teenagers  are craving for a getaway and even the parents are itching for something new and exciting. Plans are being made, budgets are being discussed and work is being finished up quickly. So round up your planning and start packing people. Just pick your spot and get going.

Now everyone is  thinking about their destination – How will they reach there , how long will it take ,where to live, where to visit ,what to do and all such things. But what most of the people miss is the importance of journey itself. All the beautiful experiences, the memories ,  meeting new people , making connections and having random frivolous but exciting moments that you encounter during travelling. These are the moments which you will remember the most  while sitting in your room, having a heap load of work. Being a compulsive traveller myself, I can tell you that there is nothing better than a train ride to make your journey beautiful. It is not as costly as the air ticket, lots of options , you never feel lonely and you get to experience the changing social landscape.

Yeah I know! I know!!The haphazard manner in which railways operate, but don’t freak out.

I am familiar with the  conundrums of finding the right train, booking the right tickets, getting the seats,  going through the vicious cycle of WL, RAC, CNF and all.  But now it is possible to know the probability of getting a confirmed ticket on any train anytime. Best way to do that is the

Just put in your destination and where you are travelling from and these guys will do the rest- From all the possible routes , dates and rates to checking the availability of seats, predicting the probability of getting a confirmed ticket and informing you about the same- everything is on your fingertips.

This must have calm down your train travelling blues somewhat!  Next part as we all know is the best part. Pack up your bags , put on your vacation shorts,  hitch your ride , and get going and don’t forget to enjoy your ride. It will be great to share some travel experiences as well, but I think we should save it for the next time. Find your own guilty pleasures on the go and you will wish that this journey  never  ends.



Railways launches ready-to-eat meals for passengers

Passengers on particular trains will get ready-to-eat delicacies from the first week of July. The Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has joined hands with government-owned Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) for implementing new technologies in food processing and packaging.

A spokesperson of IRCTC said that trial for preparation of food with the technology has begun. The introduction of 36,000 ready-to-eat packs of vegetable biryani, rajma rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice, wheat upma, dal   & rice and chicken biryani is scheduled for the first week of July, said the spokesperson.

Convenience with ease of carrying the food and easy disposal of packets after use are special features that attracts consumers which make them buy these products. The products can be eaten straight out of the packets or heated up by dipping the food pack in hot water bath or keeping it in a hot-air oven before consuming.

Another IRCTC official said such foods have a better acceptability compared to their canned alternates. “Human interface and possible contamination is minimized by using such technology,” said an official.

Chairman and managing director of IRCTC AK Manocha said: “The launch of ready-to-eat items will offer a wide range of dishes and hygienic food which will eventually reduce complaints from passengers.”

No service charge on ticket booked through card from June 1!

In a bid to make rail journey more convenient and pocket friendly, the Indian Railways has decided to do away with extra service charge levied on ticket booking through debit/credit card.

The new rule, effective from Wednesday (June 1) says that Railways will not charge the additional Rs 30 as service charge for tickets booked through debit/credit cards.

Earlier, many passengers would prefer giving cash for tickets bought at PRS counters because it would help them save those extra money on service charge.

ffective July 1, the Indian Railways will have many changes in its existing rules and regulations that will benefit millions of passengers. The main highlight of these changes are refund on Tatkal ticket, confirmed ticket facility for train passengers among others.

9 recent developments in Indian Railways

With Deen Dayalu coaches being the latest addition to Indian Railways, we bring to you a number of facts that are leading to the railways’ advancement.
To improve quality of travelling in general class, Railways today rolled out its first modern unreserved coach ‘Deen Dayalu’ with facilities like potable drinking water, mobile charging points and bio-toilets among others to be used in mail and express trains.

Besides the water filtration system to provide potable water, the coach is equipped with provision of cushioned luggage racks, additional hand hold in doorway area and coat hooks.

IRCTC and SSP Catering India have collaborated to set up a five star waiting lounge for the passengers at NDLS.

To offer home like comfort and hotel like luxuries at a reasonable price, IRCTC’s Executive Lounge has tied-up with Leela Palace and other hotels and travel booking sites.

People can book their stay for the waiting timings online by logging on to the official IRCTC website.

Heralding a new era of semi-high speed trains in the country, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today flagged off the first such train which will cover the 200 km distance between Delhi and Agra in 100 minutes.

Equipped with a 5,500 HP electric locomotive, two Executive AC Chair Cars and eight AC Chair Car coaches, the train has a high-power emergency braking system, automatic fire alarm, GPS-based passenger information system and sliding doors in the coaches.

n a milestone in adoption of green fuel in Indian Railways, the first CNG train was launched on the Rewari-Rohtak section of Northern zone.

Introduction of CNG train will reduce greenhouse gas emission by the Railways and also the consumption of diesel.

Railways have modified the 1,400 HP engine to run on dual fuel – diesel and CNG – through fumigation technology.

Poor quality food has been a bane for those travelling on trains in India.

However, things are changing for good. Startups like TravelKhana, a Noida, NCR-based startup, is striving to ensure that train passengers get to eat the food of their liking and from restaurants of their choosing.

TravelKhana is a marketplace that allows railway passengers to buy meals of their choice, from a wide variety of restaurants on its platform.

Also, Train passengers will soon be able to order burgers and pizzas of their choice on the Indian Railways website and have them delivered right to their coaches.

The Indian Railways introduced Spanish Talgo, a light train comsuming 30 per cent less energy.

The train consists of two Executive Class cars, four Chair Cars, a cafeteria, a power car and a tail-end coach for staff and equipment.

The operation augment services at stations to bring down the maximum time taken for buying a ticket at counters to five minutes.

The Ministry of Railways aims at ensuring time-bound delivery of services.

A citizen’s charter has been made mandatory for all zones.

Google and Indian Railways have joined hands and came up with Project Niligiri.

The project aims to set up WiFi hotspots at around 400 railway stations pan India.

Passengers may avail the facility for free after mobile number verification through a one-time password sent over SMS.

Stepping up efforts to make environment better, the railways has set a target to install bio-toilets in all coaches to ensure the entire rail network as zero discharge zone by 2019.

Railways has also set a target of increasing the use of bio-diesel upto 5 per cent of its total diesel consumption and also to focus on clean fuel like solar and wind energy to reduce emission in a significant way.


Charming TTE Soon – Railways may take idea from global companies


The curt and often harassed travelling ticket examiner (TTE) donning a black coat may soon turn out to be all smiles and at his charming best.


The Indian Railways has been advised to follow Starbucks , Amazon, FedEx , Convergys and Toyota, which are among the top consumer-servicing companies, and make its frontline staff more customer-friendly and recognise and reward them with events such as ’employee of the month’ incentives.


While cleanliness in trains has been a priority of railway minister Suresh Prabhu, who actively addresses complaints social media, a bigger headache for the railways is how its frontline staff, especially TTEs, interact with passengers and to ensure it is friendly and appropriate.

“This is one of the major areas of concern in the rail ministry-…it is something that the ministry wanted the study to look into, especially for the TTE,” the Quality Council of India (QCI) said in a report on the issue of ‘Improvement of Frontline Staff Interaction with Citizens.’

The QCI suggested that the railways study the cases of global companies with established customer-oriented cultures such as the Walt Disney Company, Toyota Motor Corporation and Amazon as well as those that follow the ‘train the trainer’ model like Starbucks and Southwest Airlines , to coach TTEs in customer relations.

“In order to make this training effort effective, it is of utmost importance for the TTEs to not only be trained in the right way but also be incentivised to perform better,” the QCI recommended.

The railways ministry did not respond to an e-mail and phone query from ET seeking comment on the matter. The suggestions, if implemented, may prove to be a challenging task for the railways, which operates about 12,000 trains carrying 23 million passengers every day. It has about 15,000 TTEs who are entrusted with, among other things, checking the validity of passenger tickets.

So the railways could now create a team competition to encourage its frontline staff to work better and keep track of their progress through key performance indicators as well as incentivise good performers. QCI, which is a joint government-industry effort, suggested that frontline staff should be divided into zonal teams and should compete over two to three months with clearly defined performance metrics and conduct structured reviews of on-board citizen satisfaction scores through highly standardised surveys.

“The team could be led by the top performers…there should be a clear and significant reward to the winning zone,” QCI suggested. It specified that the KPIs should be comparable with external industry benchmarks and cascaded down across all levels, just as Starbucks and FedEx Corporation do for their employees. QCI cited Amazon and Toyota to recommend formal recognition events every month to motivate top performers and feedback sessions.

Convergys and Southwest Airlines were cited as examples where frontline performance is visually displayed and team competition is created to encourage staff to work

tiger express

Indian Railways unveils IRCTC’s Tiger Express


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on World Environment Day flagged off IRCTC’s Tiger Express, a semi-luxury tourist train launched to spread awareness among people regarding tiger conservation. Flagging off the train using a remote control from Mumbai, Prabhu said it has been launched to spread awareness about conservation of tigers. The semi-luxury train will take the guests onboard to the famous Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks in Madhya Pradesh. We take a look at 5 interesting facts about the Tiger Express

Monthly trips of the fully air-conditioned train to begin from October onwards would comprise of Rajdhani type coaches, having a First AC and Second AC accommodation. The coaches have been vinyl-wrapped with motifs of the wildlife

This is the first semi-luxury train on a tourist circuit having a dining car. The itinerary has a tariff structure starting from Rs 38,500, IRCTC said in a statement

The package includes accommodation in air-conditioned rooms of three stars or equivalent ranked hotels for three nights, sightseeing, food, inter-city transfers and travel insurance, it said

The 5 days/6 nights itinerary of the Tiger Express includes three Tiger Safaris and a visit to the famous Dhuadhar Falls in Bhedaghat, Jabalpur. The train would take passengers to Katni from where they will be taken Bandhavgarh by road for a safari.

From there they will be taken to Kanha for another safari. The tourists will then be taken to famous Dhuadhar Falls in Bhedaghar, Jabalpur, before heading back to Delhi

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