Uci Data Use Agreement

The Who, What, When, Where and Why Once the faculty member and the company discover that there is an interest in a sponsored research project, they discuss the overall scope of the research to be done and a budget. Depending on the nature of the research and the likelihood that proprietary information will be discussed, a confidentiality agreement is often reached, such as a confidentiality agreement – or confidential disclosure agreement – negotiated if necessary by SRI officers. An agreement on the disclosure of health information protected by companies. See below the brief description of the data set currently available and plans to create enriched versions. Sale and Service Agreement A sales and service agreement is appropriate when the UCI provides a standardized service or delivery of goods to an external unit on the basis of an established standard pricing method. These agreements are implemented by Purchasing and Risk Services. For questions about data security, visit Information Security – Privacy. Encryption is not necessary if you do not store or work with research data containing personal or protected health information. It is therefore preferable not to collect any of this information, unless it is really necessary.

An agreement for other sponsored activities A formal agreement between the UCI and a company for work other than research and training organized. For example, health care projects and community service programs. When a business researcher is interested in finding a faculty member by reading a magazine article or a personal meeting at a conference, they often discuss how to work together on an SRI agreement. If a former student who now works in the private sector decided that research in his former university laboratory would be beneficial to their business, the search for common interest would progress through an SRI agreement. Sponsored Research Agreement A formal agreement between the UCI and a company to cover the costs (direct and indirect) of a research project, based on a jointly agreed volume of work and budget. Access to CORDS: The data set is safely transferred to each health campus for use in its own secure virtual systems for research purposes. Investigators may request requests and/or have direct access in accordance with local policies and procedures. The jurisdiction prepared by the Office of Research for research agreements at UC Irvine for the implementation of different types of research or research agreements is distributed among several UCI administrative offices. This matrix is intended to help determine which office is primarily responsible for negotiating and implementing research-related agreements.