Your Billing Agreement With Sony

1.6. A violation of these conditions by you or your child (if you agree to these conditions on behalf of a child) may result in a temporary or permanent lockdown of your console or account, including any accounts you may have created for a child under the age of 18 (“child accounts”) under your account and the loss of access to content associated with those accounts. For more information, see section 12. From time to time, it may be necessary to provide them with certain content to ensure that psn, PSN content or your PlayStation devices are working properly. Some content can be provided automatically without notice when you log in. This content may contain automatic updates or upgrades that may change your current operating system, result in data or content loss, or result in a loss of functionality or utilities. Updates or updates can be provided for system software for your PlayStation device or other devices. Access or use of system software is subject to the terms of a separate end-user license agreement. You allow us to provide this content, updates and upgrades, and you recognize that we are not responsible for any damage, data loss or loss of functionality resulting from the provision of such content, updates, updates and maintenance services. It is recommended that all archived data be backed up on a regular basis.

We may suspend online access to content or data related to your PSN account at any time, without notice or responsibility, or suspend online access to content or data related to your PSN account, including for outdated services, maintenance services or upgrades. We can also set the offer of certain PSN content or features. For all PSN content using online servers, we do not undertake to continue to provide these servers. In addition, we reserve the right to delete account data from players we have considered to be restful. 9.1. ELLE or its related companies may provide prepaid cards that allow users to exchange PSN content or finance the portfolio. If you purchase a prepaid card that is worth more than the limit if it is added to the existing portfolio credit, you cannot apply the value of the prepaid card to the wallet until enough money from the wallet has been spent so that the total value of the prepaid card and wallet can be equal to or below the limit. Your wallet only accepts prepaid cards with a currency value from the same country as your account.

11.5. Promotional content. Promotional content is video content that contains advertising, marketing or other promotional materials (together “promotional media”) or is displayed with it. Advertising-supported content may be limited to be accessible from only one authorized device. Promotional content can be displayed in or around ad-supported content in any way (defined below) by us or its content partners. They recognize that ad-supported content may contain, include or display promotional materials that may delay or interrupt playback. We can prevent you from skipping or manipulating the display of promotional material and, if so, you cannot try to access ad-supported content in a way that we do not require.