This Is How A Passenger Punched & Smashed An LCD Screen In Tejas Express As It Wasn’t Working

Remember the Tejas Express Vandalism happened a few days back, Yes we remember. Hailed by the Central Railways as the ‘aeroplane moving on the ground’, Tejas Express has been quite a part of news even before its commencement for various reasons like magnanimous speed and the super-luxurious amnesties like LED screens, coffee vending machines, CC TV cameras and beautiful exteriors. Capable of running at a whopping speed of 200 KMPH, the train covers the 552-km Mumbai-Goa journey within nine hours. The cost of a single seat on this 992 seat train ranges between 1185 to 2740, making this a pure-luxury product for a common Indian. The train and its way of introduction into the market seemed all cool and definitely seemed like a promise of the new era of Indian trains & tourism. But things haven’t gone really well after the launch. There are Couple of things which shouldn’t been happened.

And yet Again we happen to see the same Mishap due to passengers  anger, According to the news Reported by  Mumbai Mirror  Vandalism took place when the group of youth Noticed that the L.C.D  ‘s in the Train are not properly Functioning, from which they started damaging the L.C.D and other major equipment

It is an appreciable step from the Government’s side to have introduced a train like Tejas which could be a game changer for tourism in India,   All we as the beloved citizens of India can offer back is some sense of responsibility – maybe By Complaining to the authorities through any of the medium available 

you Complaint to Indianrailways  by the following ways

  1.  You can Lodge a complaint using –   which is web- portal for Lodging railway complaints.
  2. The passengers can also SMS their complaints on mobile number +91-9717630982, where senior railway officials will take necessary action on the issue in  36 hours.
  3. The passengers can also use their Smartphone to Register a complaint from the Official railway app – or you can tweet to ,
  4.  you can also write to or tweet to #Confirmtkt, we will help you to resolve the issue at the earliest.

The Miracle Tips For Monsoon Train Travel.

Monsoon is a unique Season where we feel  the natural Bliss showering everywhere , In fact, its a Season which has its own distress and delights ,   loaded with originality  where the vibe gets energized and the resounding music of raindrops restore  the sensual blissWe don’t have control over the exceptional climate however we can make the best of the storm without much bother. Take after these tips and traps to appreciate the tip-tap downpours while on a prepare.

Garments and shoes that you DON’T think about

Try not to wear light colored clothes as light colored clothes can get into dirt and stains easily while traveling


Check window’s  for safety 

Its preferable to check window panes for leakages and Spills before so that you can  give a complaint  railway authorities at or you can also tweet to

Strict no to Unhygienic Food 

Monsoon is a Season where you see lot of street vendors selling  Cut fruits in and around Railway Stations, Say a Big No as Water used to freshen the fruits may be Impure.


Mineral  water

Water is the main cause of virus and bacteria adoption during Rainy season, prefer Buying packaged Mineral water and due check date of expiry before buying


First Aid Kit 

In the case of emergency,  First aid Kit ought to be your closest companion while going amid the rainstorm. The unit ought to incorporate disinfectant cream, wraps, a few painkillers and prescriptions for stomach throbs.

power bank 

In the generation of Digital Life , Nothing works without Mobile phone  , Do carry of fully charged power bank which will be your life saver during the travel


Carry Confirmtkt app Along 

Carry  to check Indian Rail PNR status Prediction, discover confirmed hidden seats from next/previous stations, Live train running Status & Seat Availability, Book cab, and Bus 

You can download the app at

you can also use promo CKT150 and get upto 150 off+ Extra 10 % on payment through phonepe on bus bookings through confirmtkt bus booking app and website –