Top 5 Best Train Journeys in India

Of all the popular tourist destinations in the world, India is a true delight for travellers. India’s topography is immensely diverse, which allows people to experience a range of sights and scenes, everything from pristine beaches to breathtaking mountain ranges, gushing rivers, majestic waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. India also shares a rich history, as isevident from its numerous forts, palaces and other ancient monuments. Travellers also get to experience India’s rich cultural diversity, reflected in its various festivals and a wide variety of delicious local cuisines. One of the best ways to experience India’s geographical and cultural diversity is through train journeys. If you are planning a vacation, here are the top 5 best train journeys in India that you can consider.

Mumbai to Mangalore (The West Coast Circuit): If you want to experience the enchanting beauty of the Western Ghats, you could consider travelling from Mumbai to Mangalore. This route is managed by Konkan Railways and it is widely popular for its scenic mountain ranges, lush green forests, glimmering water bodies, cascading waterfalls and a plethora of exotic wildlife. The route runs parallel to the Western Coast of India and there are many popular tourist spots along the way such as Kolad, Ratnagiri, Goa, Madgaon, Karwar, Ankola, Bhatkal, and Udupi.

Delhi to Mumbai (The Desert Circuit): The Indian Railways operates a special tourist train that runs from Delhi to Mumbai via the state of Rajasthan. It covers some of the most popular tourist destinations in India such as Agra (Taj Mahal), Ranthambore (Tigers), Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Balasinor. This journey will allow you to experience the rich culture of Rajasthan, its delectable cuisine and a wide variety of majestic forts and palaces. You can also experience the magnificent vastness of the desert, which has its own innate beauty and mystique.

Kalka to Shimla (The Himalayan Circuit): If you want to experience the captivating splendor of the Himalayas, you can take a toy train from Kalka to Shimla. The route is just around 100 kilometers, but it is one of the most beautiful train routes in the country. Most of the route lies at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters, with the highest point being Shimla at 2086 meters. You will experience imposing mountains, deep valleys and gorges, and scenic lakes. As the toy train chugs along at a leisurely speed of around 20 kilometers per hour, you will also be able to witness a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna.

New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling (The Tea Circuit): This is a toy train route, which is probably the most popular tourist train in the country. This train has been featured in various movies and documentaries. People travel on this train not only because of the scenic beauty of the route, but also because the train route has a rich history, dating back to more than a century. This train route was opened in 1879, and it continues to amaze travellers even today. The route is around 84 km and offers panoramic views of the hills, forests, and tea plantations. You shall be able to witness the cultivation of the world famous Darjeeling tea on this journey.

Puducherry to Kolkata (The East Coast Circuit): This train route runs parallel to the East Coast of India and allows travellers to explore its wonders. The route passes through three states – Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha. If you consider the starting and end points – Puducherry and West Bengal, there would be five different cultures and cuisines to discover on this journey. The route covers some of the most popular tourist destinations including beaches, forts, palaces, and ancient temples and monuments.

India has a lot more to offer in terms of exciting train journeys. Train journeys in India are fairly comfortable and safe, which makes it the preferred choice for travellers. Train journeys are one of the best ways to explore the infinite wonders of incredible India.

What Precautions should you have to take during Travelling when you are pregnant?

Travelling is one of the crucial activities that is not recommended during the pregnancy. If women is not facing any complications in her pregnancy then they can travel whereas if a women is facing some complications during her pregnancy then it will be strictly advisable to don’t plan and go for travelling. It’s better to avoid travelling during pregnancy but if you can’t for any reason then take precautions. During pregnancy you should be more careful when doing travelling.

Tips for precautions that should be taken when travelling

  • You should not go for travelling after 30-32 weeks of the pregnancy.
  • First go through the medical check-up done, before you proceed for travel. Only if your doctor indicate green signal then you can plan travel.
  • Always wear more light and comfortable clothes cotton is preferable one and your shoes must be more comfortable during travelling so that you can maintain balance when you are walking.
  • Choose a perfect mode of travelling so that you journey is safer, more reliable, and take less time. Airlines are most comfortable journey next one is train you can choose it, then road trips come into list cars are preferable than buses.
  • Keep Attention to wear seat-belts properly, such that you can feel comfortable and you stay safe.
  • If you are travelling by the car then drive slow and try to avoid and slow down on jerks and jolts.
  • Always try to maintain proper distance from the front dashboard so that you can avoid sudden hits and high breaks.
  • Mind this point when you start packing because you should not forget to carry your regular medicines including vitamins tablet prescribed by the doctor and placed it well so that you can easily get them.
  • Don’t try to travel alone. Have a family member along with you who can take care of yours.
  • Don’t forget to have a personal mobile number of your doctor and give to the another person whom with you are travelling so that in any case emergence get arise he can overcome to that.
  • Don’t go in rush just try to avoid heavy crowd and follow the path slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t take stairs so much.
  • Keep your hand clean in order to avoid infections you can carry sanitizer and tissues.
  • Carry a water bottle keep drinking water timely so that de-hydration can be avoided as it creates water-borne infections.
  • Try to avoid public toilets of local places it not may only the cause of infections it may result in a big accident as you can sleep there, try to go somewhere hygiene is well maintained.
  • Keep walking to stretch your body after 1-2 hours in order to maintain blood circulation if you are travelling by car.
  • Keep some healthy and nutrient snacks on the way with you so that you can avoid nausea.


Railway Level Crossing would be safer now

Stats say 40% of the train accidents are due to unmanned railway crossings and no proper management of railway crossings.Railways and ISRO have decided to put and end to this.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is helping the Indian Railways use its satellite-based system to check accidents at unmanned railway crossings and track train movements on a real-time basis.

Working on a pilot project with Isro, the railways has installed space agency-developed integrated circuit (IC) chips on some train engines. The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (or NaVIC) will be used to warn road users of approaching trains through hooters installed at unmanned road crossings.

Tapan Misra, director of Ahmedabad-based Space Applications Centre (SAC), confirmed that “ISRO and the Indian Railways have been working together on this pilot project since June”. Explaining the functioning of the satellite-based system, Misra said, “A hooter will be activated as soon as it gets signal from the IC chip installed on a train when its engine is at a distance of 500 metres to 4 km from the crossing. The hooter, linked to the navigation system, will thus warn road users about the approaching train. It will become louder as the train comes near the crossing and will fall silent after the train has passed.”

The SAC director said, “Under the pilot project, IC chips have been installed on five engines of trains on different routes. The testing on the satellite-based hooter system has been going on since June to check if it is reliable and can function under different climatic conditions.”

He said, “ISRO is using its constellation of seven navigation satellites (IRNSS or NaVIC) for the railway safety system as the technology, once the pilot project is over successfully, will be installed on all trains across the country in phased manner.”

Misra said, “The satellite-based system will also be used for tracking trains for disseminating information about their movement on a real-time basis.” He said, “The system will also help the railways map the area covered by trains. The technology will come in handy at the time of a railway accident when it can be used to ascertain the exact location of a train.”

The push for using the space technology for the railway safety system came after PM Narendra Modi, during a national meet on September 7, 2015, asked all central ministries and state governments to make the most of the ISRO technology to provide good governance.

Safety at unmanned level crossings is a cause for concern for the railways as these crossings witness maximum accidents. The national transporter had explored various ways to address the issue before settling for the Isro system. There are about 7,254 unmanned railway crossings in the country which account for around 40% of accidents involving the railways. There are about 18,000 manned level crossings.

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New Trains Launch – Tejas, Humsafar Trains

New Humsafar Express and Tejas Express trains:

Railways has announces to launch new Teja`s and humsafar express trains though the date of introduction to be notified later.

New Tejas Express trains :-

1. New Delhi-Chandigarh Tejas Express Train

The train between New Delhi and Chandigarh will operate six days a week except Wednesdays and comprise 12 coaches – nine AC Chair Cars, one Executive AC Chair Car and two Regenerative Cars, according to the Indian Railways.

22425 New Delhi-Chandigarh Except Wed Station 22426 Chandigarh-New Delhi Except Wed
930 New Delhi 1730
1225 Chandigarh 1435

(Train schedule as shared by the Northern Railway on its website)
The carrier said the date of introduction “will be notified later”.

2. Lucknow Junction-Anand Vihar Terminal Tejas Express Train

The train between Lucknow Junction And Anand Vihar Terminal will also operate six days a week except Thursday and comprise 11 coaches including eight AC Chair Cars and one Executive AC Chair Car.

12585 Lucknow Jn -Anand Vihar T Except Thu Station 12586 Anand Vihar T-Lucknow Jn  Except Thu
650 Lucknow Jn 2205
805 810 Kanpur Central 2030 2040

(Train schedule as shared by the Northern Railway on its website)

New Humsafar Express trains :-

3. Sealdah-Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express Train

The third among the six new trains announced by the Railways is a weekly Humsafar Express train service between Sealdah (Kolkata) and Jammu Tawi. This 18-coach Humsafar Express train will hail out of Sealdah on Monday, and from Jammu Tawi on Wednesdays, according to the Railways. The train will comprise 16 AC III Tier Cars.

22317 Sealdah-Jammu Tawi Station 22318 Jammu Tawi-Sealdah
1520 (MON) Sealdah 1745 (THU)
2340 (TUE) Jammu Tawi 0720 (WED)

(Train schedule as shared by the Northern Railway on its website)

4. Anand Vihar Terminal-Allahabad Humsafar Express Train

The new Humsafar Express train between Anand Vihar Terminal and Allahabad will operate on a tri-weekly basis. The train service will start from Anand Vihar on Mondays and from Allahabad on Wednesdays.

Anand Vihar T – Allahabad Station Allahabad – Anand Vihar T
2220 Anand Vihar T 615
610 Allahabad 2220

(Train schedule as shared by the Northern Railway on its website)

Humsafar, Tejas and Antyodaya were among the four new train projects announced by the government in the Rail Budget of financial year 2016-17, along with Uday Express.

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Railways to send SMS alerts for Rajdhani and Shatabdi Trains



No worries in case ,if your train get delayed .Now you can get an SMS alert for the train delays  if the delay is more than an hour from the actual schedule.

Indian railways has started this new facility which is going to help millions of travelers . Currently, the SMS alerts are messages are sent to wait-listed passengers after the confirmation of their berths i.e after the chart preparation. This new SMS facility is currently available for Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains as a trail but soon it will be extended to other trains too.

The SMS facility was developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), the information technological arm of the Railways. In order to avail this facility, passengers are advised to mention their mobile numbers on the reservation slips, the official further said.
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Aadhaar-linked to IRCTC accounts? You can book 12 tickets a month

Railways yet again came with an innovative way to encourage passengers to link their Aadhar numbers with IRCTC account. Railways has increased the monthly cap to 12 from 6 on tickets booking on IRCTC online portal if their Aadhar number is linked to their onlince IRCTC account. However, passengers can still book upto 6 tickets without linking their Aadhar number.
Here is how you can update your Aadhar number on IRCTC portal. Go to ‘My profile’ category, select ” Aadhaar KYC” and update your Aadhaar number here. A one-time password (OTP) should be entered for verification which will be sent to the mobile number linked to Aadhaar number entered.
If passenger books more than 6, the Aadhaar number of one of the passengers should also be updated in the IRCTC account. This will also be validated via OTP. Users can store the names of verified passengers accompanying them on the ‘master list’.
This move is expected to eliminate malpractices in ticket bookings as touts and travel agents cannot create fake user IDs anymore.
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Indian Railways to generate 1 Lakh Jobs with its Solar Plant In Delhi!

Under the new leadership of Piyush Goel, Indian Railways is moving fast on their modernization drive. Piyush Goel has recently become the Railways Minister and under his leadership several interesting initiatives have been planned, which will have long-lasting impact on overall transportation industry.
With a new resolution, Indian Railways has declared that it will generate lakhs of new jobs with new investments being made. Recently, Indian Railways has taken initiative to use renewable energy setting itself as rolemodel for all other departments across India.
Railways Minister Piyush Goel has told that over a period of next 5 years a total of $150 billion, which is around 10 lakh crore, to be invested across infrastructure and engineering enterprises, and around 1 lakh jobs are expected to be generated due to this. He also added that every railway track in the country would be converted into electric line, within 4 years, which is 6-years earlier than schedule. With this single initiative Rs 10,000 crore will be saved per year in fuel cost.
In a big move towards Green Earth, Indian Railways has launched their first ever Solar Plant in New Delhi, which is expected to generate 5 megawatt peak (MWp) in the coming days. Indian Railways has planned to generate 1000 megawatt peak (MWp) of energy via Solar Power, and this first installation of Solar Plant is seen as the first step.
Indian Railways has more than 7000 railway stations as of now, and if every station installs such solar plants, then it can break every record of renewable energy, anywhere in the World. This first Solar Plant installation has been done over rooftops of Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi, Anand Vihar and Delhi railway stations, and is expected to generate 76.5 lakh units of solar power cumulatively per year, which will meet 30% of the overall energy needs of these stations.
This announcement was made during ‘International Conference on Green Initiatives and Railway Electrification’ in Delhi, where Minister Goyal said, “We are working in a time-bound manner to skillfully and effectively transform the Indian Railways into a world class transporter. We shall be able to accomplish 100 per cent electrification at lower prices with an incentive-cum-penalty scheme..”
In July this year, Indian Railways had launched their first solar powered train, DEMU (Diesel Electrical Multiple Unit) train from the Safdarjung railway station in Delhi. It runs between Sarai Rohilla in Delhi to Farukh Nagar in Haryana. This train has 16 solar panels, each producing 300 Wp, across 6 coaches. The entire electrical need of the coaches, which includes lights, fans and information display system, will be met by the energy produced by solar panels fitted atop the coaches of the DEMU (diesel electric multiple unit) train.Govt. of India has already allocated Rs 8000 crore for installing solar plants across 7000+ railway stations. Let’s hope for a Green India soon.
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Tejas Express food poisoning

 At least 26 people of Mumbai-bound Tejas Express from Goa were taken ill after consuming food served by the railways’ catering wing. Passengers were admitted to a hospital after they complained of uneasiness and nausea after having breakfast served on the train.
Post the incident, The Indian Railways’ conducted an inquiry. The internal inquiry report has concluded that the food quality served on-board Tejas Express was satisfactory. Also it blamed the passengers for the incident and said that the “suspected” food poisoning was triggered by two children who vomited inside the train coach floor that “vitiated the air quality and triggered uneasiness” among all other passengers.

However, the Railway Ministry had issued a showcause notice for termination of contract to caterer JK Ghosh, which was responsible for providing food on-board Tejas Express.

Be cautious with what you eat on trains as it can be harmful for your health.


Railways to Spend Rs 1000 Crore Every Month to Fix Their Tracks

Train derailments dominated the news in the recent past. After a spate of fatal incidences Piyush Goyal, railway minister, has orders for 3600 km of tracks to be renewed – an 80 percent jump. Earlier, 2000 km of rails were renewed annually.
The Indian Railways will spend Rs 1,000 crore a month for the next six months to replace old and out-of-date tracks with new ones, an exercise aimed at reducing train derailments. Goyal has also instructed the Rail Board to meet every Wednesday to review the safety parameters of all the rail zones. The railways have also decided to work out a new timetable for trains so that there is enough time available for the maintenance of tracks and signalling.
The Standing Committee on Railways, while examining safety and security, said many accidents are due to lapses on the part of the employees. Carelessness, poor maintenance work, short-cuts and not following safety rules have cost many lives. Hence to avoid such incidents, entertainment apps like YouTube and messaging app WhatsApp are banned during work hours.
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