Residential Sublet Agreement Ontario

98. (1) A tenant or former tenant of a rental unit may apply to the board of directors for an order finding that the lessor has arbitrarily or inappropriately refused consent to the assignment or sublease of a rental unit to a tenant or potential tenant. 2006, c. 17, p. 98 (1). 3. If the Management Board finds that a lessor has unlawfully refused, in an application referred to in paragraph 1, to accept an assignment or sublease, the Board of Directors may take one or more of the following steps: (a) a lease referred to in paragraph 1 or 2 is not concluded within the time limit set out in paragraph 3; (a) the assignee shall be liable to the lessor for any breach of the lessee`s obligations and may enforce against the lessor any obligation of the lessor under the lease agreement or this Act if the breach or obligation relates to the period following the assignment, whether or not the breach or obligation relates to a period preceding the assignment; 1. Order that assignment or sublease be authorized. (1) A tenant may sublet a rental unit to another person with the agreement of the lessor. 2006, c.

17, see 97 (1). 8. If a tenant has transferred a rental unit to another person, the rental agreement continues to apply under the same conditions and (a) the tenant is entitled to the services and is held liable to the lessor for breaches of the tenant`s obligations under the rental agreement or the law being subletted; and (5) If an order is placed in accordance with paragraph 3(1) or (2), the assignment or sublease shall have the same legal effect as if the lessor had accepted it. 2006, c. 17, p. 98 (5). You may not be allowed to sublet if you live at: 99. For a tenant who has sublet a rental unit, in case of necessary modifications, the following provisions apply, as if the tenant were the owner and tenant of the tenants: You must enter into an agreement with your subtenant that will end on a specific date. .

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