Separation Agreement With Child Support

Unlike the maintenance of the child, the maintenance of the spouses is not necessarily guaranteed. It usually depends on the needs of the receiving spouse and the ability to pay of the paying spouse. However, if your agreement does not provide for child support, be especially careful before signing the agreement, as it can be difficult to obtain it later if your circumstances change. If a separation agreement is part of a court decision, it is no longer “only” a contract and other rules apply to the amendment. The North Carolina statutes provide for an amendment only if there is evidence of a substantial change in circumstances. State law will not apply a clause stipulating that the agreement cannot be amended in an agreement that is part of a court decision. The court judge increased Lewis` child support obligation to 1,766 $US per month and found that circumstances had changed significantly. In concrete terms, each of us must immediately inform the other as soon as we become aware of a substantial change in circumstances that could affect the children`s maintenance obligations. If you and your spouse have good conditions and have little trouble agreeing on a visit, it may be enough to give a general description of the visit (for example.B. “The woman will have reasonable and generous access.”) On the other hand, if you and your spouse are struggling to make deals, it`s best to clearly state the visiting plan. Set the convention for regular visits, holiday and school visits as well as pickup and return plans. Make sure your description is clear and can be understood by third parties.

Also, make sure that the timeline is fair and appropriate to prevent it from being challenged by the courts. This sample agreement is intended to make it easier for you to enter. Nevertheless, some consumers need to obtain an effective legal separation agreement tailored to their respective states. You should sit down with your spouse and discuss how you want to allocate your property. There are several ways to share your assets, which depends entirely on your circumstances. Some couples may be content to leave the relationship with property held exclusively in their name. Other couples may consider such a distribution system to be unfair and may want to compensate for the value of what each spouse receives. The most important thing to remember is to be frank and honest and reveal all the assets. .