Status Of Forces Agreement Between Us And Italy

5 Agreement between the Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty on the Status of their Armed Forces of 19 June 1951, 4 UST 1792, 199 UNTS 67, 48 AJIL Supp. 83 (1954). 18 Those agreements included the Bilateral Infrastructure Agreement (BIA) of 20 October 1954; the Memorandum of Understanding of 30 November 1993 on the use of aviano air base; and the shell agreement of 2 February 1995 between the Italian Minister of Defence and the US Ministry of Defence. Due to their nature as “classified information”, the content of these agreements was known to the Public Prosecutor`s Office, but could not be disclosed. A “declassification” had been requested but had not yet been granted. However, civilian employees of the U.S. government and all family members who are not citizens of the European Union must have a visa mission and a Soggiorno Permit mission. The Italian Government transmits these documents to persons who are here exclusively for the purposes of the United States. Military mission and therefore have the status of “SOFA-protected”. * Views recorded on Cambridge Core between February 27, 2017 and December 3, 2020. This data is updated every 24 hours.

Any other party whose property was damaged in the same incident also waives its claim equal to the aforementioned amount. In the event of a significant fluctuation in exchange rates between these currencies, the Parties shall agree on the appropriate adjustment of these amounts. An Italian work visa and work permit are required to be employed in Italy by forces other than the United States (including GS, NAF and contract positions). This applies to both Italian and American companies. If a person chooses to obtain these documents, he declares to the Italian Government that he wishes to be considered an ordinary resident of Italy. One cannot at the same time have the status of an ordinary resident and have “SOFA-protected”, regardless of his position here. Any differences between the Parties concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement shall be settled by negotiations between them, without recourse to an external court. Save as otherwise provided in this Agreement, disputes which cannot be settled by direct negotiations shall be referred to the North Atlantic Council. 21 Whether an offence is committed “in the performance of its duties” and who decides on that question is one of the main legal issues arising from NATO`s SOFA. .

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